Youth Leadership Academy
YOUth Shape the Future

The Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) provides young leaders of the Sacramento region a resource to gain additional leadership skills, an overall understanding of local government processes, and critical thinking skills regarding racial justice within planning and the public sector, all through a fun and welcoming environment.  YLA is focused on providing our young leaders broader tools and skillsets that can be applied to any work path they choose, whether its planning, health, skilled jobs, food, education, etc., students will leave with an understanding that all our systems are interconnected and have real impacts in people’s everyday lives.


Year 1 Program Recap

The first cohort of the YLA is officially graduated. On June 15, students, staff, and families and friends  came together at the West Sacramento Community Center to see students’ final presentations and celebrate the completion of the program. 

See the links below to get a glimpse of each of the trainings: 

Training 1

Training 2

Training 3

Training 4

Training 5