Year 2 Commercial Corridors


It Takes a Village to Raise a Main Street

Civic Lab’s year two teams are tackling the complex problems around bringing life back to tired commercial corridors and main streets.  

Twelve teams from four counties are focused on commercial strips in their communities that need a boost — from major thoroughfares such as Folsom Boulevard and Del Paso Boulevard — to traditional main streets in smaller communities such as Isleton and Meadow Vista. The challenges faced by some of these commercial areas are myriad — from the decline of bricks-and-mortar retail in the face of online shopping to absentee landlords to a lack of housing to missing civic services. 


Civic Lab Year Two
Bolstering Commercial Corridors

Applications for Civic lab Year Two are now closed. Teams will be announced in December.

Can you envision a future where a commercial corridor in your community is a vibrant place where people can walk, bike, and play? 

Civic Lab is a regional effort that aims to address issues of regional importance through action at the local level. SACOG works with partner agencies, local experts, national leaders, decision makers, and innovators to find creative solutions to some of the bigger issues facing the region today, and in the future.