Working at SACOG


Working at SACOG

SACOG plays a unique role as the place where local governments in the Sacramento region can come together to take on critical issues facing the region and tackle programs that are too big for any one jurisdiction to solve on its own. The agency represents members which consist of six counties (El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba), and the 22 cities within.

A staff of 60 work together to advance solutions to some of the region’s shared challenges of transportation, housing, air quality, climate change and the protection of the region’s agricultural and natural resources. Read more about SACOG. 

Culture and Work Environment 

SACOG is a dynamic work environment that takes place both in-person and virtually with hybrid work options. Our flat organizational team structure allows staff to be nimble and responsive. As an employee of SACOG, you will have opportunities to work on many different projects that are shaping the future of the Sacramento region. SACOG’s Board of Directors guides the work the agency does, and investments made in the region.

We recognize it’s a big job, but our shared vision, mission and values help guide the way we approach our work.


A vibrant and thriving Sacramento Region for all. 


SACOG convenes and connects the region to advance an equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future. 

Teamwork Community Dedication Innovation

We work towards a shared vision while cultivating a workplace of collaboration, trust, and transparency. We create space for individual strengths and experiences to achieve more, together.

We intentionally build an inclusive community where people can be themselves, share ideas, and pursue solutions. Together, we address challenges that are too big for any one person or group to solve on their own. 

We have the courage to tackle new challenges head on. We are driven by the opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impact on the region. We are committed to quality performance as we accomplish these goals. 

We strive for continuous improvement by reimaging the work and the way we do it. We use data and input to measure our progress, extract new insights, and elevate our work. This allows us to pave new paths into the future.

Career Growth at SACOG 

There are numerous learning and growth opportunities both inside and outside the agency. Staff are encouraged to attend training courses and continue their education with the agency’s Career Development and Professional Dues Programs. If desired, staff are given opportunities to explore and evolve their role at the agency as new skills and expertise are developed. Explore more benefits.


Commitment to Diversity

SACOG values diversity and believes that a range of backgrounds brings a variety of ideas, perspectives and experiences that contribute to an innovative and collaborative environment in which talents are fully utilized, uniqueness is valued, and SACOG’s objectives are met. SACOG is committed to building a culturally diverse workplace. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and veterans, and people from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 


Why join SACOG?

  • The dynamic nature of our work – we are a small flexible diverse staff that serves a voluntary association of city and county governments that provide a forum for mutual problem solving and regional advancement. 
  • We encourage professional development and growth, as well as, promotes job satisfaction and personal fulfillment in which talents are fully utilized and uniqueness is valued.
  • We have a flat organizational structure – collaborative, achievement-oriented teams are the focal point of all of our project work.

Meet the Team: Rosie Ramos, External Relations Team Lead

Meet Rosie Ramos, civic leader, baker, and SACOG’s External Relations Team Lead. Rosie joined SACOG in 2015 and has grown into her role from supporting the agency’s general communications efforts to managing programs such as the Youth Leadership Academy, and SACOG’s newest initiative, the Engage Empower Implement Program.


Culture and Organizational Values

The dynamic nature of SACOG’s work, combined with its small staff, requires a flexible staff and a flat organizational structure. Teams are the focal point of all of SACOG’s project work. Team Managers have more authority and responsibility than in a traditional organization. SACOG is a team-based organization that strives for excellence in both its external work and its internal operations and structure. 


Meet the Team: Clint Holtzen, Planning Manager

Meet Clint Holtzen. A long-time SACOGian and manager of the agency’s planning team. Beginning at SACOG as an intern in 2008, Clint did not imagine a career in regional government and like many, he didn’t know what regional government was before he started. Looking to gain more experience in geographic informational systems (GIS), he was intrigued by how the data and analysis collected by SACOG was used to help inform the regional environment. That curiosity has only grown since then.


Our Current Work

Many regions today face challenges whose solutions are beyond the capability of local governments working alone. Since its establishment in 1980, SACOG, a voluntary association of city and county governments, has provided a forum for mutual problem solving and regional advancement. SACOG’s member jurisdictions have enjoyed a cooperative atmosphere that respects the jurisdictional authority of each member but that fosters collaboration to address important regional issues.