Transportation Development Act

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Transportation Development Act Funds

The Transportation Development Act (TDA) is administered by Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA) such as the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). It provides two major sources of public transportation funding in California.

  • Local Transportation Fund (LTF), enacted in 1972
  • State Transit Assistance (STA) fund, enacted in 1980

Explanations of both of these funds and annual apportionments for each jurisdiction are provided below and published annually.

Specifics on TDA statute can be found in the Transportation Development Act Statutes and California Code of Regulations published annually by Caltrans and can be accessed online. SACOG has also adopted specific guidelines for regional TDA implementation detailed in 2017 TDA Guidelines. A detail description of the law and the funds are described in the introduction of the Guidelines.

TDA claimants (available as Appendix E of the Guidelines):

TDA Workshop Presentation - TDA Training Workshop Presentation

Part of SACOG’s responsibility under TDA is to conduct an annual Unmet Transit Needs process to determine whether jurisdictions allowed to use the remaining TDA funds for streets and roads projects can do so and identify new transit needs in the region. Annual public hearings are held to collect public testimony on transit needs.

To Contact SACOG regarding TDA Claims or Questions:

Phone: (916) 321-9000

New Findings of Apportionment