Transit Coordinating Committee Meeting

Transit Coordinating Committee Meeting

Please Note the January 2015 TCC meeting will not be at the SACOG office but will instead be held at the:
Yolo County Transportation District
Board Room
350 Industrial Blvd., Woodland, CA

Members of the public may comment on any agenda item when it is taken by the Committee.  Members of the public should come forward to be recognized by the Chair and keep their remarks brief.

Conference Call Option - Please contact Azadeh Doherty (, Barbara VaughanBechtold (, or the SACOG receptionist (916) 321-9000 for Conference Call information.  Please do not put your phone on hold during the conference call, but instead please hang up to take your call and call back when you’re free.

  1. TCC Coordination (Bassett/All, 20 minutes)
    1. Welcome comments from SACOG Board Chair Don Saylor
    2. Brief introductions and sharing of significant news about transit systems
    3. Joint Procurement Opportunities
    4. General TCC Coordination:
      1. FTA 5307/5339 MOU Comments Reminder
      2. Safe Routes to School Summit
      3. Low Carbon Transit Operations Program
  2. Review and Approve December 17, 2014 TCC Minutes (All, 5 minutes)
  3. Update on MTP/SCS Process (Hernandez/All, 5 minutes)
  4. Update on Connect Card (Symons-Holtzen, 5 minutes)
  5. Direction and Issues for the TCC in 2015 (All, 25 minutes)
    1. Quarterly rotation of meetings?
    2. What works? What can be done to improve the effectiveness of the TCC for its members and the SACOG Board?
  6. El Dorado County Transit Authority Taxi Voucher Program RFP (Robin Van Valkenburgh/All, 5 minutes)  
  7. Update on Downtown Sacramento Transportation Study (Fedolia “Sparky” Harris/All, 30 minutes)
  8. Update on Downtown Sacramento Entertainment Sports Complex Transit Service Issues(Bassett/All, 10 minutes)
  9. Update on Local Transportation Fund Estimates (Taylor/All, 10 minutes)
  10. Information from Webinar on CTA Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategies for Transit (SACOG/All, 10 minutes)
  11. Solutions for Transit Presentation (All, 20 minutes)
    1. Reporting package with invoice verification and IT support for the GFI system
  12. Meetings/Events/Updates (All, 3 minutes)
    1. Meetings or Events
    2. Updates on Other Items
    3.  511 Call Statistics (if available)
  13. Set Next Meeting Dates & Adjourn (All, 2 minutes)
    1. Next TCC meeting on February 18th?  Which agency would like to host the next quarterly (April, May, June) TCC site visit?
    2. Adjourn TCC

Immediately following the TCC will be a 90 minute workshop, starting at approximately 11:30 a.m., where Paratransit Incorporated and El Dorado County Transit will share information on their Demand Response Taxi Programs.

Demand Response Taxi Options Workshop

January 21, 2015 – 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Please Note the January 2015 Taxi Workshop will not be at the SACOG office but will instead be held at the:
Yolo County Transportation District
Board Room
350 Industrial Blvd., Woodland, CA

  1. Welcome and Introductions (All, 10 minutes)
  2. El Dorado County Transit Authority Taxi Voucher RFP and Program – Lessons Learned(Robin Van Valkenburgh, 20 minutes)
  3. Paratransit, Inc. Taxi Brokerage Program – Successes and Lessons Learned (Tiffani Fink, 30 minutes)
  4. Group Discussion of Demand Response Taxi Options (All, 30 minutes)
  5. Adjourn       

Download agenda summary

This agenda and attachments are available on SACOG’s website at SACOG is accessible to the disabled. As required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rules and Regulations adopted in implementation thereof, a person who requires a modification or accommodation, auxiliary aids or services in order to participate in a public meeting, including receiving this agenda and attachments in an alternative format, should contact SACOG by phone at 916-321-9000, e-mail ( or in person as soon as possible and preferably at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Parking is available at 15th and K Streets.