Transit Coordinating Committee Meeting

Transit Coordinating Committee Meeting

Conference Call Option – Toll Free Dial In Number: (888) 431-3598
Caller Paid Dial In Number: (646) 364-1278
ACCESS CODE: 1520971

Members of the public may comment on any item on the agenda at the time that it is taken up by the Board. We ask that members of the public come forward to be recognized by the Chair and keep their remarks brief.

  1. Introductions (Wixon/All, 15 minutes)
    1. Brief introductions and sharing of significant news about transit systems.
    2. TCC Coordination Activities
      • New additions to the SACOG Transit/Transportation Team staff
      • FTA National Online Dialogue – Transit Provider Representation in Metropolitan Planning Organizations
  2. Review and Approve TCC Minutes (Wixon/All, 5 minutes) a. February 20, 2013
  3. Draft MTIP Amendment #8, Draft MTP Amendment #2, and Draft A.Q. Conformity (Cáceres/DeVere-Oki, 5 minutes)
  4. Title VI Reporting – (Sprowls/All, 10 minutes)
    1. Handout and Discussion – Schedule of TCC member agency/organization Title VI reporting
  5. Connect Card On-board Transit Survey (Martin/All, 5 minutes)
    1. Status Update
  6. FTA 5307 Programming change for Paratransit, Inc. (Taylor/All, 5 minutes)
    1. Change programming of $66,509 in unused 5307 funds from paratransit vehicles to Backup File Servers for PI
  7. Set Next Meeting Dates (All, 5 minutes)
    1. TCC –Next TCC meeting on April 24th? Date change to avoid conflict with Cap-to-Cap
    2. Move the May TCC meeting to May 22nd to avoid conflict with CTA and CalACT conferences?
  8. Optional – Other Items/Meetings/Events (All, 10 minutes)
    1. Brief Review of Other Efforts Statewide to Extend the STA CPO Calculation “Holiday”
    2. Other meetings or events
  9. Adjourn TCC

*********************5 MINUTE BREAK*********************

Following the TCC meeting there will be a meeting of the TCC subcommittee – Sacramento Urbanized Area 5307 Working Group, also in the SACOG Rivers Rooms. A light lunch will be provided.

TCC Subcommittee – Sacramento Urbanized Area 5307 (5339) Working Group meeting:

FTA 5307 & 5339 Large Urban Transit Formula Funds Discussion/Programming – (Carpenter/Taylor/All, 2 hours)

  1. Discussion of feedback/findings from March 6th TCC /FTA 5307 meeting
  2. Background on 5307 programming baseline information and summary of funding distribution guidance calculation options
  3. Discussion of possible options for 5307 and 5339 programming

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This agenda and attachments are available on SACOG’s website at SACOG is accessible to the disabled. As required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rules and Regulations adopted in implementation thereof, a person who requires a modification or accommodation, auxiliary aids or services in order to participate in a public meeting, including receiving this agenda and attachments in an alternative format, should contact SACOG by phone at 916-321-9000, e-mail ( or in person as soon as possible and preferably at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Parking is available at 15th and K Streets.