Transit Coordinating Committee Meeting

Transit Coordinating Committee Meeting
  1. TCC Coordination (Bassett/All, 25 minutes)
    1. Brief introductions and sharing of significant news about transit systems
    2. Joint Procurement Opportunities
    3. General TCC Coordination:
      1. Feedback on January TCC format and topics
      2. FTA 5307/5339 MOU Comments Reminder – Comments Needed by March 31st
      3. Project Delivery Update – Subrecipient Agreements, Invoices, and other required documents etc.
      4. Low Carbon Transit Operations Program – March 2nd deadline for 99314 (Local) LCTOP recipients to notify
      5. Caltrans of intent to apply or not apply for FY 2014-15 funds.
      6. Unmet Transit Needs Process Update
  2. Review and Approve January 21, 2015 TCC Minutes (All, 5 minutes)
  3. SACOG Planning Review Session, Transit Operator Perspectives (TCC Attendees, 10 minutes)
  4. Update on Connect Card (McCrary/Connect Card Participants, 15 minutes)
  5. Update on FY 2015-16 Local Transportation Fund Finding of Apportionment and STA Allocation (Taylor/All, 10 minutes)
    1. Local Transportation Fund Finding
    2. State Transit Allocation
  6. FFY 2015 FTA 5307 & 5339 Partial Apportionments (All, 10 minutes)
  7. Regional Funding Round Update (DeVere-Oki/All, 10 minutes)
  8. Discussion on Coordinated Planning Assistance & the Creation of a Transit Agency Library (Sprowls/All, 10 minutes)
  9. Program of Projects and Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (Cáceres/Doherty/All, 10 minutes)
  10. PDF Update on MTP/SCS Discussion Draft (Holtzen/All, 15 minutes). For more detail and background information see the February 2015 Transportation Committee item 6i.
  11. Update on PEPRA – 13© Decision (RT/All, 15 minutes)
  12. Update on Downtown Sacramento Entertainment Sports Complex Transit Service Issues (Bassett/Covington/All, 15 minutes)
  13. Meetings/Events/Updates (All, 3 minutes)
    1. Meetings or Events
    2. Updates on Other Items
      • 511 Call Statistics
  14. Set Next Meeting Dates & Adjourn (All, 2 minutes)
    1. Next TCC meeting on March 18th? Which agency would like to host the next quarterly (July, August, Sept.) TCC site visit?
    2. Adjourn TCC

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