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Final Regional Trail Network
Board approved the network in April 2022

The final trail network focuses on equitably creating regional trail connectivity and increasing access to the destinations that support the vitality and livability of the region. The majority of the identified connections (over 250 miles of existing trails and more than 800 miles of planned trails) are selected from local plans for their potential to make connections across boundaries in the region.


Sacramento Regional Parks & Trails Network
Review the Draft Regional Trail Network

In early 2020 SACOG embarked on the Sacramento Region Parks and Trails Strategic Development Plan. SACOG staff began by working with cities, counties, and planning partners to map all the parks, open space, multiuse trails, and informal trails in the region. This collaboration allowed staff to see existing and proposed connections between residents and our regional parks and trails, and to see if there were differences in access for regionally-identified disadvantaged communities.


Measuring success: performance targets for the regional trail network
How trails support the region's goals

Six goals steer the regional parks and trails network: economic vitality, environmental justice, health, safety, recreation, and all ages and abilities networks. But how will we know if we are achieving those goals with trail connections?

In June, the SACOG board provided feedback on the regional trail network performance targets. The performance targets build on the local plan analysis from 2020, outreach results from the 2021 public survey, and partner input and board guidance throughout the plan. Performance Targets for Trail Network Identification


Online map of trails and parks available

SACOG staff worked with cities, counties, and planning partners to consolidate where our parks, open space, Caltrans Class I multiuse trails, and informal trails are in the region relative to our regionally identified disadvantaged communities from the 2020 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy. This allows us to see existing and proposed connections between residents and our regional parks and trails that improve residents’ transportation options, health, and quality of life. Explore the online map here and send feedback/corrections to Victoria Cacciatore.