Strategic Planning Committee
SACOG Board Room , 1415 L Street, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee may take up any agenda item at any time, regardless of the order listed.  We ask that members of the public complete a request to speak form, submit it to the clerk of the committee, and keep their remarks brief.   If several persons wish to address the committee on a single item, the chair may impose a time limit on individual remarks at the beginning of the discussion.  Action may be taken on any item on this agenda. 

2018 Strategic Planning Committee Roll Call:  Directors Cabaldon, Frerichs, Miklos, Onderko, Peters, Rohan, Sander, Saylor, Stallard, Veerkamp, Vice Chair Sander and Chair Schenirer   

Public Communications:  Members of the public may comment on any item on the agenda at the time that it is taken up by the Committee.  We ask that members of the public come forward to be recognized by the Chair and keep their remarks brief.


1. Adoption of SACOG Nominating Committee Framework and Schedule (James Corless) (Est. time: 10 minutes)


2. SACOG’s Role in Advancing Economic Prosperity (James Corless) (Est. time: 45 minutes)

3. SACOG Quarterly Work Plan (James Corless) (Est. time: 10 minutes)

Other Matters