Short Range Transit Plans


Short Range Transit Plans and Other Special Projects

The Federal Transit Administration requires that any transit agency receiving federal funds directly must have a current Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP).  Likewise, SACOG, as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency, requires that any transit agency receiving State Transportation Development Act Funds must have a current SRTP. A Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) is the document that generally plans out transit services and operations. The SRTP planning period is generally five years, but SRTPs may cover a longer period, typically seven to 10 years. Through the SRTP update process, the transit system, fleet needs, capital and operating costs and revenues, and new transit services or projects are assessed, and recommendations made. Links to current SRTPs for the region’s transit operators are below.

In FY 2013-14, SACOG completed a new SRTP with the City of Elk Grove, and worked with the Yolo County Transportation District to complete a preliminary Plan.  In FY 2014-15 SACOG completed a new SRTP for Unitrans/City of Davis. SACOG staff also carries out special projects to assist the region’s transit operators as the need arises. Two current projects are implementation of the Connect Card universal tranist fare card and Connectivity Study.


Connect Card

SACOG is working with seven of the region’s transit operators to implement a regional electronic transit fare system that will allow riders to use a single fare card across nine regional transit operators.


Connectivity Study

SACOG obtained a Caltrans Transit Planning Grant for a study to assess and prioritize options to create a more seamless, connected system for demand-response and other public transportation services users needing to cross county or operator boundaries, especially to reach health care.

Please check back periodically for new SRTPs, and updates on special projects.