SB 743 Technical Assistance


Updates To The CEQA Guidelines & SB 743 Implementation Tools

SB 743 Implementation Tools and Technical Support

SACOG is committed to providing ongoing modeling and data support to member agencies for SB 743 implementation. A SB 743 local agency working group was formed to provide a regional forum for information sharing, project implementation, CEQA streaming and implementation of assistance grants. As part of the implementation assistance project, models and tools to preform VMT estimation were reviewed and VMT estimation methodologies were documented. The following links include documents and tools to help support SB 743 implementation and analysis.

Links to SB 743 Technical Implementation Tools and Documents:

VMT Procedures using SACSIM

VMT IXXI Adjustment Methodology

SB 743 Working Group: Trip Length Adjustments for SB 743 VMT Analysis Memorandum

SACOG SB 743 Implementation Tools Final Report June 2020

Caltrans TAC Checklist Evaluation of SACSIM19

SB 743 Regional VMT Project Screening Maps

Featuring planning and legal staff from the Governor’s Office of Planning & Research

On November 27, 2017 the Governor’s Office of Planning & Research (OPR) released comprehensive updates to the CEQA Guidelines, including revisions for the analysis of transportation impacts called for by SB 743. View OPR’s staff present key information about what the updates include and the timeline for implementation.