Apple Hill Growers Association

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Special Recognition

The Apple Hill Growers Association has created successful marketing opportunities for specialty growers in El Dorado County, including farm stands, seasonal campaigns and special events.

As one of the first successful growers association in our region, Apple Hill serves as a model locally and nationally. The association began with 16 original ranches about thirty years ago. Today, the association includes over 50 ranches, Christmas tree growers, wineries, a micro-brewery, a spa, and vineyards. The association uses a variety of branding strategies and marketing activities to bring consumers to Apple Hill. They include the Apple Blossom Festival, an attractive logo, map brochures, a website, and a series of Growers’ Cookbooks.

The Apple Hill Growers Association is a replicable example of how rural-urban connection can be a source of income—and longevity—for small farms.