Research and Resources


Housing Research and Resources

SACOG provides its member agencies from the six-county region with housing information, resources, and technical assistance. The items below are intended to assist member agencies in better understanding regional housing issues, trends, legislation, and policies for improving housing outcomes.


ADU Affordability Analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to provide local governments in the SACOG region with an assumption for ADU affordability that can be used to assign future ADUs to RHNA income categories in your Housing Elements. Of course, you are always allowed to provide your own analysis and assumptions if you choose. However, the assumptions in the attached analysis have already been vetted and OK’d by HCD and can be relied on upon without additional documentation. Please let Dov Kadin ( know if you have any questions about the analysis.

ADU Affordability Analysis Methodology


Housing Policy Toolkit

The Housing Policy Toolkit is a menu of policy options and best practices for removing barriers to new housing in infill and established communities. It provides a roadmap to allow for more housing product choices to be built in more locations, using a simple, non-discretionary approval process with streamlined environmental review and reasonable fees. It is focused on policies that local governments have direct control over, recognizing there are many other challenges to producing more housing that largely fall outside the purview of local government.


Future Housing Product Type and Demand Preference

SACOG staff prepared the 2018 Housing White Paper as a literature review and summary of findings regarding national, state and regional housing trends. The paper may provide insight on what the future of housing would be for the 2020 Update of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS).  It was prepared for and presented to the SACOG Board of Directors in May, 2018.


Sacramento Region Housing Production and Demand

SACOG staff prepared a presentation for the SACOG Board of Directors that summarized housing demand and supply in the six-county region. The 2018 State of Housing presentation helped put into context some of the challenges to housing production this region is seeing. It was presented to the SACOG Board of Directors in February, 2018 prior to a panel discussion by private and non-profit housing developers on the obstacles to housing production in the region.