Regional Program


Regional Program
2018 Regional Program closed, next call for projects anticipated in 2020

The merged Regional Program is SACOG’s largest competitive program. It combines into a single program the Regional/Local and Bicycle & Pedestrian funding programs of the 2015 cycle. The emphasis of the 2018 Regional Program is to fund cost-effective transportation projects that realize the performance benefits of the MTP/SCS. The program seeks to promote effective and efficient use of limited state and federal funding resources to both develop and maintain the regional transportation network and provide regional benefits. This is accomplished through the funding of capital and lump-sum category projects included in the 2016 MTP/SCS. 


TAM Tool for Transit Agency 2018 SGR Applications

SACOG staff will provide information to transit agency applicants on use of the Transit Asset Management (TAM) tool. This will substitute for the Project Performance Assessment (PPA) for transit vehicle replacement or State of Good Repair project applications that do not have a geography that works with the PPA format. For questions, contact Barbara Vaughanbechtold at or (916) 340-6226.


Call for Projects for Regional Funding Program

SACOG is soliciting applications to the 2018 Regional Funding Program. Final applications are due July 19, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. 

The SACOG Board of Directors approved a funding target of $92,586,000 for the Regional Funding Program at the May 17 meeting.

Click here to access the application and required attachments.


PPA Tool Now Available

SACOG has launched the Project Performance Assessment tool to analyze transportation investments at the project level. The tool stems from a 2017 working group and its technical review of performance assessment methodologies. SACOG will use the Project Performance Assessment (PPA) tool in support of the 2018 agency funding round. Individual programs within the overarching 2018 funding round will use the PPA tool differently.