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Regional Planning Partnership

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The purpose of the Partnership is to assist SACOG with its transportation and air quality planning and programming processes, with an emphasis on technical issues, by providing consultation with a broad range of public and private constituencies. It also provides a forum for local agencies in the region’s transportation and land use industry to contribute to the policy-making and fund programming activities of SACOG, and to improve coordination within the region.

The Regional Planning Partnership (RPP) consists of the five local air districts, representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Air Resources Board (ARB), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and state and local transportation agencies. The RPP meets quarterly or as needed. Each RPP meeting is open to the public and is currently being held virtually.


  1. Introductions (Renée DeVere-Oki; 3 minutes)

    1. Welcome
    2. What is the RPP?
    3. Please enter your name upon logging in.


  1. The SACOG Regional Agencies Partnership Update

    1. Regional Transit Network (Lauren Batalias, 3 minutes)             
      1. Prior activity: completed a draft list of high-capacity transit corridors through a data-driven process (December 2022)
      2. Upcoming: a series of public outreach activities to build awareness about the study and ask for community feedback on the corridors (Spring 2023)
    2. Ready, Set, Trails Update (Victoria Cacciatore, 3 minutes)
      1. Staff will share an update on Sacramento Regional Trail Network implementation.
    3. Updates from Membership (5 minutes) – Please feel free to share updates relevant to the region during this time. Limit yourself to two minutes. (Raise your hand to be un-muted or type an update to be read in the chat box.)


  1. Adaptation and Resiliency (Renee DeVere-Oki; 20 minutes)             

    1. Look ahead to this quarter (5 minutes).         
      1. Update on adaptation funding opportunities:
        1. Office of Planning and Research (OPR) Adaptation Planning Grant Program
        2. California Transportation Commission’s (CTC’s) New Adaptation Program-Local Transportation Infrastructure Climate Adaptation Project (LTCAP) and PROTECT funding
        3. Caltrans -Climate Adaptation Planning – Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program             
      2. Special Presentation: Greater Placerville Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness, Community Safety and Resiliency Plan (Dan Bolster, EDCTC; 10 minutes)
      3. Resources Available (5 minutes)
        1. State Adaptation Clearinghouse
        2. SACOG TA, Prior Adaptation Work, Data Availability


  1. 2023/24 Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grants (Victoria Cacciatore; 5 minutes)

    1. Caltrans released the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023-2024 Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Guidelines in mid-January, outlining stronger connections between transportation planning grants with climate goals and identifying a one-time $50,000,000 program for climate adaptation projects (see item 3 on the agenda). Applications for the grant programs are due March 9, 2023, 5 p.m. using Smartsheet.
      1. Grant Summary from Guidelines
      2. Grant website
      3. Caltrans District 3 Planning Liaisons
      4. Statewide workshop February 6
      5. Technical Assistance Available
    2. SACOG staff is recommending to submit two projects to the Strategic Partnership grant program (project descriptions).


  1. State Implementation Plan (SIP) Coordination Efforts (Renee DeVere-Oki; 10 minutes)

    1. ◄ Action/Discussion: Extension of the Spare the Air- Transportation Control Measure in the regional 8-Hour Ozone Standard State Implementation Plan.
    2. Future Discussion and Action:
      1. Sacramento Federal Non-attainment Area Ozone Motor Vehicle Emissions Budget (MVEB)
      2. PM2.5 Yuba Sutter Marysville MVEB
      3. Save the date for RPP Conformity Budgets Meeting
    3. Quarterly Projects of Air Quality Concern (POAQC) updates
      1. CAL20960 Wheatland Hot Mix Asphalt and ADA Project – found to not be a POAQC.
  2. Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (“Blueprint”): Update on Plan Development and Related Topics (Clint Holtzen; 5 minutes)
    1. Summary of the update status and the work ahead for the 2023 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.
    2. Update on the 2025 Blueprint.


  1. Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Plan (MTIP)/Conformity (Miguel Mendoza; 5 minutes)

    1. Summary of administrative actions and information items to the SACOG board and committees last quarter.
      1. The SACOG 2023 MTIP and Conformity Analysis was approved on December 16, 2023.
      2. Amendment Update –
        1. Administrative Modification 2023-01 was released in January. Majority of projects included were bridge projects per Caltrans Highway Bridge Program.
        2. Administrative Modification 2023-02 is set to be released in early to mid-February. Project changes made from Administrative Modification 2021-16 to 2021-21 were not adopted as part of the 2023 MTIP and will be included in Administrative Modification 2023-02.


  1. Update on 2022 Funding Activities (Chris Dougherty; 20 minutes)

    1. Summary of action and information items to the SACOG board and committees in last quarter.
      1. Call for projects occurred in October for Transformative, Maintenance & Modernization, and Community Design; staggered applications due dates were January and February.
      2. Nine projects were submitted to the Mode Shift Program (list of applications)
    2. Look ahead to this quarter and year.
      1. Review committees for Transformative, Maintenance & Modernization, and Community Design will convene in March.
      2. Scheduled release of recommendations by the May Transportation Committee.
      3. Active Transportation Program (ATP), State and Regional (Dustin Foster)
        1. Regional ATP updates (website for more information)
          1. Dates for upcoming meeting
      4. Green Means Go (GMG) (Greg Chew for Garett Ballard-Rosa)
        1. The SACOG board approved $3.2 million in Early Activation (category A) funding awards on November 10, 2022.
        2. SACOG staff is tentatively scheduled to release funding recommendation for the Planning (category B) and Capital (category C) categories on February 23, 2023. SACOG needs approval from HCD prior to releasing Planning and Capital award recommendations.
        3. More information can be found on the Green Means Go Funding Program website.
      5. Engage, Empower, and Implement Program  (Rosie Ramos)
        1. SACOG is continuing development of a new funding program called Engage, Empower, Implement (EEI). EEI will seed an equitable and justice-based planning process, by focusing on community needs and creating projects that meet them.
      6. Mode Shift Program (Victoria Cacciatore)
        1. Funding recommendations will be released by the February Transportation Committee with a request for approval at the February Board of Directors meeting.


  1. State/Federal Legislative Update (Sabrina Bradbury; 3 minutes)

    1. Summary of formal action and information items to the SACOG board and committees last quarter.
    2. Look ahead to this quarter.
      1. Federal funding and grant updates


  1. Transit Activities (Michael Rosson/Barbara VaughanBechtold; 3 minutes)

    1. Summary of formal action and information items to the SACOG board and committees last quarter.
    2. Look ahead to this quarter.
      1. Transit Coordinating Committee – regular meeting February 15, 2023, and Special Topic meeting on Zero Emission Vehicle transition planning on March 15, 2023
      2. Assisting the Transit Agencies with updating their Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASP)
      3. Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) Working Group
      4. An update on the Sacramento Regional Emergency Preparedness Strategy


  1. Other matters


  1. Adjournment

The next meeting is a special meeting scheduled for February 22, 2023, p.m. Please visit for more information.

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