Regional Planning Partnership


Regional Planning Partnership

A committee with close to 100 representatives from local, regional, state, federal agencies, and tribal governments, as well as representatives of business, environmental, and minority organizations and associations. The Partnership assists SACOG with its transportation and air quality planning responsibilities. It also serves as the primary forum for interagency and public consultation requirements of federal transportation and air quality regulations (view the RPP charge). (Meets quarterly.) (RPP 2023 Meeting Calendar)

Since September, 2011, the Regional Planning Partnership subcommittee of the Project Level Conformity Group (Project Level Conformity Group) is tasked with reviewing and deciding Project of Air Quality Concern (POAQC) determinations and hot-spot analyses. The Project Level Conformity Group is open to all interested parties, with membership confirmed by the RPP. (outline of Project Level Conformity Group)


2023 Active Transportation Program fund estimate released
State and Regional funding programs increase by almost 50%

The final 2023 Active Transportation Program fund estimate is now available. (download ATP fund estimate) The California Transportation Commission will adopt the fund estimate at the March 16, 2022, meeting.

The statewide ATP will competitively distribute $325,371,000 of funding to projects and programs that will increase biking and walking. The Regional ATP will have $17,350,000, an increase of 47 percent from prior ATP rounds.