Regional Funding Programs


Regional Flexible Funding Programs
Next Call for Projects in 2018

SACOG conducts programming rounds to allocate funds to projects based on available apportionments of regional Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ), Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP), State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), and Active Transportation Program (ATP) funds. These funds are distributed through Regional ATP, Air Quality, Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Funding Program (BPFP), Community Design, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and Regional/Local Funding Programs.

Project applications are solicited from public agencies and their partners located in the SACOG region. All funding programs except Regional ATP are only available to projects located within Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties. Jurisdictions in El Dorado and Placer counties apply through the El Dorado County Transportation Commission and the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency, respectively. Please see below to learn more about each program and to see previously selected projects.

The Regional ATP funding program is available for all six counties in the region. The Regional Active Transportation Program is separate from the Statewide Active Transportation Program. SACOG jurisdictions may apply to both programs, but the State—not SACOG—selects projects for the Statewide program.