Regional Early Action Planning


Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) Funding
SACOG is eligible for $6,762,880 in REAP funds to address our region’s unique housing priorities and planning needs.

Assembly Bill 101 established the Local Government Planning Support Grants Program to provide regions and jurisdictions with one-time funding to establish priorities that increase housing planning and accelerate housing production. Together, the State’s Local Government Planning Support Grants Program will bring almost $14 million to the region for housing planning related activities.

Under this program, the funding going directly to regions is called Regional Early Action Planning (REAP). SACOG, as the regional Council of Governments, is eligible for $6,762,880 to address our region’s unique housing priorities and planning needs. 

Under this program, the funding directly available to local agencies is referred to as Local Early Action Planning (LEAP). The state Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) will directly award a cumulative approx. $7 million to cities and counties in the SACOG region based on population. The deadline for cities and counties to apply for LEAP funds directly from HCD is July 2020. See HCD’s website for more details:

Housing Series Workshop 2

Housing Series Workshop 2
Getting to Missing Middle

Getting to Missing Middle: Strategies within local government control to advance infill housing.

This workshop will showcase existing missing middle housing types in our region and discuss why they aren’t feasible now. This workshop emphasized the barriers to infill housing with practical solutions local governments can take, including examples from small communities across the country. 

Housing Series Workshop 1

Housing Series Workshop 1
Setting the Stage

How we got here and where do we go next: History of Exclusionary Zoning + Meaningful Engagement in New Virtual Era

To set the stage for the remaining workshops, this agenda will cover the historical policy decisions like zoning that local governments have made over time and how those decisions have implications for our work today, including practices that perpetuate racial and class disparities. How do we facilitate change that is meaningful to our communities and involve them in the process (in a likely virtual setting)?


What is the Civic Lab Housing Series?

Over $6M was awarded to SACOG as part of the Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) program. Funds were awarded to SACOG from the state to address our region’s unique housing priorities and planning needs. SACOG received 25% of this funding early to support housing element work at the local level and to implement Civic Lab: Commercial Corridors projects.


SACOG seeks input on Draft Framework for remaining 75% of REAP funds
How should SACOG utilize the remaining approx. $5 million REAP dollars?

At the Land Use and Natural Resources Committee meeting in May, SACOG staff will share the draft framework for how SACOG should utilize the remaining REAP funds. SACOG is also seeking local agency and stakeholder input on this draft framework throughout the month of May. Please contact Jennifer Hargrove at if you have questions or comments. 

Staff report for Draft REAP Framework

Draft REAP Framework