Recruitment for Chief Executive Officer

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) is offering a remarkable opportunity for an innovative and resourceful leader to help shape the future of the one of the most distinct metropolitan regions in the country.

SACOG is seeking an enthusiastic, experienced and creative leader to serve as its next CEO. A national leader in transportation, land use, community development, and agricultural planning, SACOG is a key public sector partner in the vibrant Sacramento region. This vacancy will exist due to the upcoming retirement of the long-tenured incumbent.

The information on this page provides some background on the major projects at SACOG. Any questions about this recruitment should be directed to Stuart Satow with CPS HR Consulting. 

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The SACOG Board and its staff have a national reputation of success in innovation, policy, project planning and implementation.

Highlights and awards and recent years include:


Our Current Work

Many regions today face challenges whose solutions are beyond the capability of local governments working alone. Since its establishment in 1980, SACOG, a voluntary association of city and county governments, has provided a forum for mutual problem solving and regional advancement. SACOG’s member jurisdictions have enjoyed a cooperative atmosphere that respects the jurisdictional authority of each member but that fosters collaboration to address important regional issues.


Culture and Organizational Values

The dynamic nature of SACOG’s work, combined with its small staff, requires a flexible staff and a flat organizational structure. Teams are the focal point of all of SACOG’s project work. Team Managers have more authority and responsibility than in a traditional organization. SACOG is a team-based organization that strives for excellence in both its external work and its internal operations and structure. 


Metropolitan Transportation Plan/ Sustainable Communities Strategy
20 Year Transportation Plan Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS) pro-actively links land use, air quality, and transportation needs. The MTP/SCS supports the Sacramento Region Blueprint, implementing smart growth principles, including housing choice, compact development, mixed-use development, natural resource conservation, use of existing assets, quality design and transportation choice. It provides increased transportation options while reducing congestion, shortening commute times, and improving air quality.