Race, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group


Race, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group

Established in 2020, the Race, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group will examine SACOG programs and projects, and historical and current planning practices and/or programs through a racial equity lens.

Activities of the working group are focused on observing, engaging in, reviewing, discussing, and making recommendations on, the implementation of SACOG’s adopted Racial Equity Action Plan, the goals of which include:

• Operations Goal 1: Establish an inclusive workplace where all current and future employees feel they belong.

• Operations Goal 2: Identify, attract, invest in, and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity of the Sacramento region by providing equitable access to opportunities.

• Operations Goal 3: Reduce barriers to SACOG procurement and contracting process to create more opportunity for Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, and communities of color, along with low-income rural, urban, and other underrepresented communities.

• Programs Goal 1: Increase engagement with community representatives of Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, and communities of color, along with low-income rural, urban, and other underrepresented communities to help shape SACOG’s projects and programs.

• Programs Goal 2: Increase funding for programs and projects that prioritize REI and/or specifically engage underrepresented and underserved communities in the SACOG region.

• Programs Goal 3: SACOG supports and learns from member and local partner agencies incorporating racial equity best practices into their planning work.

• Board Practices Goal 1: The SACOG board deepens its understanding of how race/ethnicity, income, and geography (rural/urban) affects the social outcomes of communities throughout the Sacramento region.

• Board Practices Goal 2: The SACOG board includes racial equity impacts in its triple bottom line decisions.

• Board Practices Goal 3: The Board maintains consistent engagement with racial equity action plan implementation process.

Working Group Members 


Racial Equity Action Plan & Implementation

The SACOG board has adopted a Racial Equity Action Plan (REAP) for SACOG’s operations, programs, and board practices.

The goals and objectives in this plan establish initial priorities for what SACOG can do to implement the statement of change and commitment which the board adopted in February 2022. The board is responsible for adopting the goals and objectives of this plan.


SACOG Board of Directors Adopt Racial Equity Statement of Change and Commitment

On February 17, 2022, the SACOG Board of Directors adopted the SACOG Racial Equity Statement of Change and Commitment. The statement sets the foundation for the agency’s racial equity work in the years ahead and kicks off the development of a racial equity action plan which the SACOG Racial Equity and Inclusion (REI) working group will have a prominent role in guiding and shaping over the coming months.

The key elements of this statement are:


2021 Race, Equity, & Inclusion Look Ahead
SACOG adds members of public to working group

Building on the momentum of the working groups’ launch in 2020, the SACOG board has appointed members of the public to participate in the Race, Equity, & Inclusion (REI) Working Group. 

The public members come from organizations serving the region and/or state and bring expertise and experience in moving organizations to advance racial equity in their programs and policies. 

2020 Race, Equity, & Inclusion Overview

2020 Race, Equity, & Inclusion Overview
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In June 2020, then Board Chair Lucas Frerichs and Vice-Chair Ricky Samayoa announced the creation of a working group on race, equity, and inclusion. The work in 2020 was a starting point grounded in issue exploration and direction setting. 

The primary outcomes in 2020 were a third-party equity audit by the McKensie Mack Group and the development of a Framework for Advancing Racial Equity.