DOF-E5-E8 Population and Housing Estimates 1980-2023
Population & Housing Estimates


As of May 2023 this table joins together historical California Dept. of Finance (DOF) Demographic Research Unit (DRU) data by California County and Incorporated City on estimated population by household and group quarters; estimated housing units by single family, multi-family and mobile homes; and estimated households and housing unit change over time from 1980-2023. E8 tables were introduced to back-cast population and housing estimates from 2001 through 2009 to reconcile DOF/DRU estimates to the 2010 Census count. Please note that DOF back-casts population and housing estimates annually for every year between the last Decennial Census (2020) and the previous last year (2023). The 2020 Decennial Census population and housing counts are available and DOF has reconciled their estimates to reflect the 4/1/2020 counts of the 2020 Census. Excel workbook 7 tabs.