Public Transit Planning


Public Transit Planning

SACOG provides planning support and a forum for coordination among the region’s transit operators. Several projects and ongoing activities are underway to help plan and operate transit services to meet the region’s needs.

In addition, SACOG administers funding and annual apportionments available under the Transportation Development Act (TDA). 

CLOSED – Call for Projects

Federal Fiscal Year 2020 & 2021

SACOG is announcing a call for projects for the following program:

FTA Section 5307/5339 – Sacramento Urbanized Area Formula Transit Grants/Bus and Bus Facilities

  • Estimated funding for the Sacramento Urbanized Area is:

5307: FY 2020 – $1,985,817 and FY 2021 – $2,136,640

5339: FY 2020 – $1,615,156 and FY 2021 – $1,419,317

  • Discretionary 5307/5339 Applications are due at 4 PM, January 21, 2022. Please email all application materials and associated attachments to

Application materials are below:

Application and application evaluation scores become public record and may be posted once all applications are confirmed to be eligible for the funding program.

Have questions? – contact: Barbara VaughanBechtold, or 916-340-6226