Public Opinion Polling & Workshop Results


Public Opinion Polling & Workshop Results

A scientific public opinion telephone poll, an online questionnaire, and an in-person questionnaire at the 2016 MTP/SCS public workshops were administered to provide the SACOG Board with public perspectives on the themes in the 2016 MTP/SCS policy framework adopted in December 2013. This information is part of a larger outreach and communications plan for the update to the 2016 MTP/SCS. Only the telephone poll is considered scientifically valid, but the online and workshop questionnaires provide some insight into views on transportation issues in the region from a self-selected group of residents in the region.

In the development of the phone poll, the consultant, CJI Research, worked with interested SACOG Board members in providing direction on the purpose and outcomes of the poll. The consultant considered Board direction, the 2006 MTP poll, and the 2004 Blueprint poll in the development of the draft questions. The draft poll was circulated to the Board for comments.

The phone poll was conducted in October with approximately 1,600 respondents. Almost 200 interviews were each completed in El Dorado, Placer, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties. Approximately 600 interviews were completed within Sacramento County, and distribution was roughly proportionate to populations in the city of Sacramento, the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County, and the other cities within the county.

A. Final Report for the Public Attitude Survey for the MTP/SCS (March 5, 2015)
B. Results of the SACOG MTP/SCS Phone Poll (Updated March 5, 2015)
C. Results from SACOG Workshop and Online Surveys
D. Slideshow Presentation on Results from MTP/SCS Phone Poll
E. Slideshow Presentation on Results from SACOG Public Event and Online Surveys