Active Transportation

Active transportation refers to human-powered transportation, such as walking, biking, using a wheelchair, in-line skating, or skateboarding. It is a critical component in developing and implementing sustainable community strategies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing public health and making the six-county Sacramento region a more enjoyable place to live, work and play.


Civic Lab

Civic Lab

Civic Lab works with teams from around the region to design and launch pilot projects that address regional challenges through action at the local level.

Year 1: Smart Mobility

Year 2: Commercial Corridors



Climate Adaptation Planning

The geographically and climatologically diverse Sacramento region faces a range of climate-related threats. Increasing extreme heat poses maintenance and operational issues for roadways, bridges and railways, particularly in the lower lying portions of the region. Wildfires and landslides present risks to the transportation system in the higher elevation areas. Higher extreme and average precipitation levels and changing snowmelt patterns could increase flooding and erosion on roadways in both the more mountainous areas and in downstream drainage basins.


Sacramento Region Greenhouse Gas Reduction Pilot Program

Green Means Go Logo

“Green Means Go” is a multi-year pilot program proposed by SACOG to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the six-county Sacramento region by accelerating infill development through infrastructure investments and local policy changes and reducing and electrifying vehicle trips.


Mind the Gap Housing Initiative

The SACOG region, like the rest of California, is in a housing crisis because it has not been able to build enough housing to keep up with demand. In particular, our region has struggled to build enough multifamily housing products in existing communities. Building more is critical to housing our region’s service workers, teachers, and other working class households as well as to promote racial equity and reduce residential segregation. 


Public Transportation

As our Region continues to respond to COVID-19, many of our regional transit operators have temporarily reduced service.

SACOG provides planning support and a forum for coordination among the region’s public transit operators. Several projects and ongoing activities are underway to help plan and operate transit services to meet the region’s needs.

In addition, SACOG administers funding available under the Transportation Development Act (TDA), and coordinates other federal and state transit funding programs. 


Shared Services

Shared Services places SACOG as a direct service provider looking at opportunities for cost savings and enhanced services to cities, counties, and special districts.

Select from our available contracting and service opportunities below. 

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Youth Leadership Academy
YOUth Shape the Future

Are you a teen in the Sacramento region who is interested in learning how to make a difference in your community? Do you want to learn how to affect policy in your city? Are you looking for something to add to your college applications? Apply now to be part of the 2022 Youth Leadership Academy!

The SACOG Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is an opportunity for students to: