Civic Lab

Civic Lab is a regional effort that aims to address issues of regional importance through action at the local level. SACOG will work with partner agencies, local experts, national leaders, decision makers, and innovators to find creative solutions to some of the bigger issues facing the region today, and in the future.


green means go program areas

Sacramento Region Greenhouse Gas Reduction Pilot Program

Green Means Go Logo Green Means Go is a multi-year pilot program to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the six-county Sacramento region by accelerating infill development, reducing vehicle trips, and electrifying remaining trips. Local jurisdictions will designate Green Zones, in which they must take specific actions to promote infill development and reduce existing barriers and provide new transportation options. State funding is needed to help implement these actions and further incentivize local development and housing production.



SACOG promotes and provides assistance to local governments to implement the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy.  Housing plays a key role in the MTP/SCS, and SACOG is looking for ways to support its member agencies with technical support to housing production to meet the region’s needs. To this end, see the subheading links to the left for more information on CEQA streamlining opportunities, housing research and resources, and data for updating housing elements.


Active Transportation

Active transportation refers to human-powered transportation, such as walking, biking, using a wheelchair, in-line skating, or skateboarding. It is a critical component in developing and implementing sustainable community strategies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing public health and making the six-county Sacramento region a more enjoyable place to live, work and play.


Public Transportation

SACOG provides planning support and a forum for coordination among the region’s public transit operators. Several projects and ongoing activities are underway to help plan and operate transit services to meet the region’s needs.

In addition, SACOG administers funding available under the Transportation Development Act (TDA), and coordinates other federal and state transit funding programs. 


Transportation Demand Management

The mission of the TDM program is to reduce vehicle trips and miles traveled by implementing cost-effective and innovative programs, services, projects, strategies, and policies that encourage and enable people to change their travel behavior. This mission, and the goals below, were developed through the TDM strategic planning process in 2016. The three major goals of the program are to:


Shared Services

Shared Services places SACOG as a direct service provider looking at opportunities for cost savings and enhanced services to cities, counties, and special districts.

Select from our available contracting and service opportunities below. 


Youth Leadership Academy

SACOG is launching the first year of its Youth Leadership Academy. The Academy is a cohort of high school students who provide input to the SACOG Board of Directors on the effects of policies, needs, programs, and budgets impacting the children and youth of the region as it relates to transportation, air quality, environmental and land use planning issues.