Project Performance Assessment


Project Performance Assessment
Updated tool released in Nov of 2022

SACOG launched the Project Performance Assessment tool to analyze transportation investments at the project level. The tool stems from a 2017 working group and its technical review of performance assessment methodologies. SACOG used the Project Performance Assessment (PPA) tool in support of the 2018, 2019, and 2021 agency funding rounds (with a major update to the tool in 2020).

SACOG has released a new version of the PPA tool in November of 2022. This new version (PPA 2022) is what sponsors will use in support of the core programs of the 2022/23 regional transportation funding round.


2022 PPA Tool Materials
Updated tool and documentation

SACOG has released an updated version of the agency’s Project Performance Assessment tool (PPA 2022) in November of 2022.

The new tool incorporates a series of improvements largely centered on the user interface and backend hosting environment (i.e., most improvements are centered on user experience and tool stability). Applicants to the 2022/23 SACOG transportation funding round will use this 2022 version of the tool.

Access the 2022 PPA tool here


2020 PPA (prior version of tool)
Archived version of tool

SACOG released a revised version of the agency’s Project Performance Assessment tool in 2020, with major updates stemming from stakeholder feedback. This post archives the 2020 version of the tool, and its documentation. Please note the 2020 version of the tool is no longer supported (but is archived here if one wants to follow changes made in prior iterations of the tool).

2020 PPA Tool


Beta Period for 2020 PPA tool

SACOG released a beta version updating the Project Performance Assessment tool to respond to project sponsor and other user feedback. Major enhancements include updated data layers and different treatment based on project type.

During the beta period SACOG sought input on the updated tool through an open review period. The beta period closed May 15, 2020. Staff is working on incorporating beta user comments into a final version of the 2020 tool.


Beta 2020 PPA Tool

2020 Beta Test Summary


2018 Regional Program

All project sponsors applying to the 2018 Regional Program are required to input their projects into the Project Performance Assessment data tool as a mandatory element of the Regional Program application. The sponsor will attach the completed PPA data output table as part of the completed application. Click here to access and run the online PPA data tool, used for all projects except transit vehicles.


2018 Community Design

SACOG will run the Project Performance Assessment tool on all Community Design projects applying in the competitive categories. As the PPA analysis will be input and operated by SACOG staff, applicants will not be responsible or need to run the tool in their applications. SACOG is providing this service for Community Design as it is the first program to use the PPA tool.