Project Performance Assessment


Transportation Project Performance Assessment

SACOG launched the transportation Project Performance Assessment Working Group to explore tools and methods to analyze transportation investments at the project level. The group will conduct a technical review of two potential new methodologies—benefit cost analysis and performance outcomes analysis—for the SACOG Board’s consideration when developing the 2020 MTP/SCS and future regional funding programs.

The working group is a team of individuals with a wide variety of expertise who will help in a broad-based review of the dual performance assessment methodologies.

The Project Performance Assessment Working Group will meet monthly through the Fall of 2017.


Meeting Summary – July 20, 2017

Staff from DKS provided a memorandum and gave a summary presentation of the findings of Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) approaches.  The memo presented an overview of BCA approaches that other MPOs/Agencies have across the country, and if they have performance measures not covered by SACOG’s process.  SACOG staff then presented a 4th round of BCA test project results and showed how a Performance Outcomes methodology would cover the same test projects. The working group provided feedback on the working tool, and discussed feasibility of new measures.

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Meeting Summary – June 21, 2017

Staff provided working group participants a recap of May’s modeling workshop that replaced the monthly working group meeting. Staff reviewed with the working group SACOG’s Travel Model as an underlying tool on different bundles of projects by project type. The working group delivered feedback to staff about the current scoring criteria.  Staff reviewed Performance Outcomes Analysis outcomes, factors and indicators.

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Presentation-Benefit Cost Analysis Tool


MEETING SUMMARY – April 26, 2017

Staff provided working group participants with a presentation on the methodology and metrics for the Benefit Cost Analysis. Staff from DKS gave a presentation on best practices and lessons learned from other regions performing project performance assessments.

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Memorandum – Project Performance Assessment Current Practices Review

Presentation – Project Performance Assessment Case Studies

Presentation-BCA Overview


Meeting Summary – March 21, 2017

SACOG staff welcomed working group participants and introduced staff from DKS associates that will be serving as an impartial technical resource to the working group.  Staff provided a quick summary of the previous meeting.  The working group then discussed the following agenda items:

  • Methodology: Performance Outcome Analysis
  • Introduction to seven outcomes of Performance Outcomes Analysis

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Meeting Summary – February 24, 2017

SACOG staff welcomed working group participants and provided an overview of the meeting goals and outcomes.  The workgroup discussed:

  • MTP/SCS and how performance assessment fits into the larger plan update.     
  • SACOG’s performance assessment work and initial performance evaluation methods at the project level specifically considering the Benefit-Cost Analysis as a potential new methodology.

Due to robust discussion, the Performance Outcomes Analysis agenda item will be discussed at the next meeting.