Workforce Transportation to Young Adults
Civic Lab Team Awarded $400,000


“Every student who is accepted into an internship program or hired through a program like 1,000 Strong or the Elk Grove Unified School District should have reliable transportation to their worksite,” notes a challenge statement from the Civic Lab team working to bring workforce transportation for youth and young adults. Now, with a three-year $400,000 award from the Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA), the North State Building Industry Association, Paratransit Inc., and Elk Grove Unified School District can make their project a reality.

Industry advocates, transportation providers, and school representatives participated in the nine-month Civic Lab process, identifying barriers, developing a project scope, and brainstorming innovative ways to get youth and young adults to work. The issue was clear: many young people in the Sacramento region do not have access to reliable transportation. In some cases, public transportation does not serve their jobs, especially in fields like home construction. As a result, young workers are frequently late or absent from internships or jobs. Yet, an organized effort had not been established until groups from around the region partnered through Civic Lab.

The grant allocation was awarded at the May 2018 STA Board meeting, providing Measure A Neighborhood Shuttle dollars to the project. The team has until June 30, 2021 to provide travel and mobility training and transportation services to youth and young adults.