Why does our region need Green Means Go?


In March 2018, the California Air Resources Board established new SB 375 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for the SACOG region. The region’s target for a 19 percent reduction by 2035 is conditional on the implementation of a new pilot program in the Sustainable Communities Strategy that addresses specific conditions and challenges relating to GHG emission reductions. If SACOG and the state do not secure funding and related policy commitments, CARB will reduce SACOG’s target to 18 percent. According to CARB’s final staff report setting greenhouse gas targets for Metropolitan Planning Organizations across the state, the goal of the pilot is to effectively coordinate growth with transportation investments within SACOG’s region. The pilot should enhance current SCS implementation efforts and include new programs.

The pilot nature of Green Means Go allows it to be a model for other regions on how to effectively grow their communities while at the same time reducing GHG emissions.