What is a Team – FAQ
During Civic Lab, projects will be worked on by a team


What is a team?

It’s a group of people working together on one common goal. In Civic Lab, teams can be made up of lots of different individuals. While we strongly encourage that teams be made up of individuals from different agencies, it is not a requirement. The only requirement is that any team selected for a Civic Lab project must be led by a public agency.

Does that mean only a public agency can apply?

Not really, but your chances are better. If you are applying as a non-public agency, SACOG will try to match you up with a public agency if we feel your proposal is a good match for Civic Lab. This is true whether you are applying as an individual or a full team.

Can individuals apply?

Yes! If you want to be part of Civic Lab, SACOG will try to find a team for you to join, but it is expected that you will help cover the $500 per team charge, and fully commit to attend all Civic Lab sessions and contribute to the final project deliverable. There is no guarantee that individuals will be placed on a team. 

To increase the likelihood of being matched with a team, be sure to include your areas of expertise and what you hope to contribute to a team or specific area of exploration.