Voters Protect Transportation Funding by Passing Prop 69


The voters spoke June 5th and sent a strong message to protect valuable transportation dollars. Prop 69 prevents the Legislature from taking from or borrowing any new transportation revenues for non-transportation improvement purposes. It extends constitutional protections to all new vehicle fees and gasoline and diesel tax revenues generated by SB 1 that were not previously protected. This ensures that the revenues passed by the Legislature will be spent exclusively on transportation. SACOG’s Board of Directors took a support position on the Proposition. It was placed on the ballot by ACA 5 (Frazier), which passed the Legislature last year as part of the transportation funding package.


Also included in the transportation package last year was SB 1 (Beall), which the SACOG Board also supported. SB 1 will raise much needed new transportation funding for our region. It includes automatic formula funding for cities and counties and competitive grant opportunities for transportation projects. SB 1 gives our region the money it needs to maintain our roads, improve safety, and reduce congestion, projects that would not be able to move forward without this resource.