Video: How Main Street can survive and thrive beyond COVID
Tough lessons for brick and mortar and local governments



As California’s economy slows again in the face of climbing COVID case counts, it is clear that both brick and mortar businesses and the local governments that support and depend upon them must work together to create a new normal for retail.

Hear from two high-regarded experts who have been working with both brick and mortar businesses and local governments in our region through the COVID crisis. They have business and policy prescriptions to share with local business people and local policymakers looking to support them.

 Michele Reeves, placemaking strategist and retail consultant will tackle “Doom and Gloom for Whom? Should retailers, property owners, or banks bear the brunt of the economic damage?”

And Erika Bjork, destination marketing expert and policy strategist with Sacramento Metro Chamber, will take on “Silver Linings Playbook: Can brick and mortar bounce back stronger?”

SACOG Executive Director James Corless moderated with challenging questions for both Michele and Erika.