Urban Greening Mapping Tool
Examining potential project locations


Based on information from the final guidelines for the Urban Greening Grant Program, SACOG compiled pertinent data layers in a mapping site to help project sponsors assess the competitiveness of potential projects. (see scoring breakdown)

  • Vehicle miles traveled in 2012 and 2036 to show where trips are getting shorter or being replaced by biking and walking trips.
  • Disadvantaged community maps to identify the areas targeted for benefit through the Program (a floor of 75% of available funds will benefit disadvantaged communities, and 35 of 140 points possible are determined by location within and benefit to disadvantaged communities).
  • Existing and planned bikeways to show gaps in the network and connections to destinations like schools and parks.
  • Prop 84/Statewide Park Program parks to show where access may be enhanced or created to prior state investment areas (up to five points are available under this criterion).
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 and 2036 to determine where emissions are expected to decrease over the next 20 years, in part due to increased biking and walking.

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