Travel Model Data Users Group


Updates and access to SACOG Travel Model Data is available by contacting Bruce Griesenbeck with the following detailed information:

  1. Agency name, agency project manager name, and contact information for same, for the project which requires access to the files. SACOG may contact the agency project manager independently, and will cc that person on all correspondence with you.
  2. Time frame for need of travel model data. As much lead time as possible is requested as competing demands may be an issue.
  3. SACOG also requests users to agree to the following guidelines:
    1. Provide SACOG with a draft and with a chance to comment, on any sections of the project report you prepare which cites or refers to SACOG or use of the SACOG model(s).
    2. In any citations or descriptions of the model, cite SACOG as the provider of the model and data, and adequately describe any changes to the model or data you made as part of the project. When modified, any and all results including tables, datasets, etc. should be sourced to you and your organization, not to SACOG.
    3. Review and accept the data pertinent to the study you are undertaking prior to using the model. If you discover any network coding errors, data errors or anomalies, or bugs or anomalies in the program code, please report these errors or anomalies to SACOG before publishing your findings or reporting them to your client(s). SACOG requests an opportunity to explain or correct any of these issues directly before any reports or final analyses are prepared.
    4. The model data will only be used for the stated project and will not be recycled for new projects or uses without contacting SACOG and providing the same information on the new project as detailed above. (i.e. client agency, project manager name and contact info)