Telework’s Great Leap Forward: How an unexpected experiment could transform work and travel
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Can we keep some of the good parts of the Covid-19 shelter-in-place era without all bad parts? Telework offers that possibility: as workers and employers have had it thrust upon them, some have found it has worked better than expected. There is a path forward to having increased worker flexibility and lower greenhouse gas emissions without the economic pain of the lock-down. 

We explored what employers and workers value about telework and why this is the moment to bed in some of the new behaviors and policies that have recently emerged. 

Our speakers shared fresh data and research on the effects of telework as well as the thinking behind changes to telework polices. 

Kristi Cappelletti-Matthews, Chief Human Resources Officer at VSP Global, discussed how a robust telework policy is a win for businesses and for the Sacramento region. 

Ellen Greenberg, Deputy Director for Sustainability at the California Department of Transportation, provided a state-level view of telework and transportation. 

Adrienne Moretz, who runs SACOG’s telework pilot program, shared findings from our focus groups and an overview of the program. 

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