Summary of SACOG 2015 Regional Funding Programs

  State Active Transportation Program Regional Active Transportation Program Bicycle & Pedestrian Funding Program Community Design Funding Program Regional/Local Funding Program
Purpose/ Objective Encourage increased use of active modes of transportation The Regional ATP targets projects that increase walking/biking, improve safety, and benefit disadvantaged communities. The Regional BPFP concentrates on project performance to implement the MTP/SCS. Together, the programs strive to improve the region’s active transportation system, air quality, and overall quality of life. Physical implementation of Blueprint principles Implement the MTP/SCS by providing regional benefits
Min/Max Funding Request $250,000 min. No max request. Infrastructure projects: $250,000 min.Non-infrastructure projects: $50,000 minNo max request. Capital projects: $250,000 min.
Pre-construction-only projects: $150,000 min.Non-capital projects: $50,000 min.No max request.
Three award categories:
1) Conventional: $300,000 to $4 million; Pre-construction $150,000-$500,000.
2) Complete Streets focus: $1.5 million-$4 million.
3) Non-Competitive: max $100,000.
Capital projects do not have min or max project size.
Estimated Funding (Subject to Change) $179,550,000 $9,615,000 ~ $11-13 million ~ $17-19 million ~$98-$112 million
Fund Types State & Federal ATP State & Federal ATP CMAQ, RSTP, STIP, SMF CMAQ, RSTP, STIP
Match requirements No match required, though leveraging of additional funds is encouraged 11.47% for all projects 11.47% for all projects 11.47% for projects in competitive category; 10% for non-competitive 11.47% for all projects
Eligible Geographies Statewide El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, & Yuba Counties Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, & Yuba Counties
Pre Application Dates
Guidelines Released   Week of 4/20/2015
Optional orientation workshop(s)   5/6/15
Download Final Agenda and Handouts
Application Process
Presubmittal/ Intent Letter due N/A 6/5/2015 Intent Letter 6/5/2015 Pre-submittal Letter 6/5/15
Applications Due 6/1/2015 (Apply to Caltrans, copy to SACOG) 6/19/15 6/29/15 7/10/15
Other Dates   July: Sponsor Phone Call or Meeting 7/22/15 — Interviews July: Sponsor Phone Call or Meeting
Approval Dates*
Recommendation announced CTC – 9/15/15 RPP – 8/26/15Adjusted – 9/15/15 RPP – 10/ 7/15
Recommendation approved CTC -10/22/15 SACOG Board – 10/29/15CTC – 12/9/15 SACOG Board- 12/10/15
*Dates linked to standing committees are subject to change.