Strategic Plan


With input from the Board of Directors, stakeholders, and staff, SACOG developed a new Strategic Plan and Mission. The Strategic Plan sharpens the agency’s goals and objectives and presents a simple and clear articulation of SACOG’s purpose, priorities, and approach.


A vibrant and thriving Sacramento region for all.


SACOG convenes and connects the region to advance an equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future.

Overarching Goals

Starting with the development of the 2024 Blueprint, SACOG has committed to three strategic goals of equity, economy, and environment. SACOG will use its analysis, board discussions, and recommendations to achieve all three goals. While equitable opportunity, economic prosperity, and environmental stewardship are often framed as in tension with one another, we believe pursuing all three as equally important and interconnected goals will create greater opportunity for all of the region’s residents today and for generations to come.


SACOG seeks to help foster a just and inclusive region where government makes investments for and with historically marginalized communities so race can no longer be used to predict health or economic outcomes, and outcomes for all groups are improved. Residents living in our region face significant inequalities, resulting in disparities and divides that exist by race and ethnicity, by income, and by urban and rural areas. Among other work, this commitment is embodied in our Racial Equity Action Plan.


SACOG seeks to help foster a diversified regional economy in which all people have access to resources that give them the opportunity to realize their full potential. This future economy will also capitalize on key economic clusters where the region can achieve a competitive edge over our peers across the country, including agriculture and food, health sciences, and innovative mobility. Among other work, this commitment is embodied in our collaborative development of the Prosperity Strategy: Our Path Forward.


SACOG seeks to help foster a safe and resilient region for all residents, where natural resources and air quality are sustainably managed so people can thrive here for generations. We will continue to focus our work on decreasing carbon emissions, supporting climate adaptation and resiliency, cleaning our air, and promoting working landscapes. Among other work, this commitment is embodied in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy.


In order to implement our mission and goals and deliver on our region’s long range plan, SACOG’s work will focus on the following priorities:

  • Build vibrant and inclusive places
  • Foster the next generation of mobility solutions
  • Modernize the way we pay for transportation infrastructure
  • Build and maintain a safe, equitable and resilient transportation system