Step 4: Evaluate Projects


The following section answers common questions and provides resources for this step in the Complete Streets cycle.

Level of Service (LOS) standards restrict my ability to make Complete Streets. With SB 743 shifting the metrics from LOS to vehicle miles traveled (VMT), how can I tell if my streets are performing well? What should I be measuring?

SB 743 created an official process to develop transportation metrics that better address greenhouse gas emissions, assess multi-modal road conditions, and encourage infill and transit oriented development. Vehicle miles travelled (VMT) is the primary metric proposed to replace LOS through a gradual implementation period.  Many Complete Streets project will have a simplified CEQA process.

VMT policies and strategies are being adopted across the region and will help streamline Complete Streets projects.

In addition, there are numerous other metrics that can be used to evaluate the impacts and benefits of Complete Streets projects to gauge success in meeting local goals and to establish Complete Streets policies.