Statement From SACOG on Recent Measure A Campaign Literature


October 26, 2022: Recent literature describing the benefits of Measure A, the Sacramento County Transportation Sales Tax Measure on the ballot in Sacramento County, includes a reference to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) and mischaracterizes our agency’s analysis on the climate and greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of the measure that we released in May 2022.

While SACOG has not taken a position on Measure A, our agency has been working hard to analyze the measure and understand its transportation-related climate and GHG impacts. SACOG is responsible for preparing a long-range regional transportation plan in order to achieve GHG reduction goals under state and federal laws. The current long-range plan, adopted in 2019, is on track to fully meet our region’s target for reducing emissions. If passed, Measure A will fund new projects that are not currently part of this long-range plan. Our analysis showed that the projects could jeopardize our ability to meet our legally required GHG targets.

Based on these concerns, we worked to develop a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA), which was also signed off on by the Measure A campaign proponents. The MOU lays out a process to determine actions needed to mitigate GHG impacts from the projects that are not consistent with our long-range plan in order for the region to stay on track to meet our GHG targets.

Should Measure A pass, SACOG remains committed to working with STA and local agencies throughout Sacramento County to implement the process outlined in the MOU.