State ATP Funding Cycle 3


The California Transportation Commission (CTC) released their funding recommendation for $131,763,000 of Active Transportation Program funding on October 28th; of the 35 submitted applications requesting $81 million for the SACOG region, five projects are recommended for a combined $10.8 million to improve biking and walking.

  • City of Roseville – Dry Creek Parkway ($4,500,000)
  • Yuba County – 11th Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Route Improvements ($1,500,000)
  • City of Marysville – Marysville Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project ($515,000)
  • Sacramento County – 47th Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements ($3,009,000)
  • Yuba County – McGowan Parkway Bicycle Lane and Pedestrian Route Improvements ($1,246,000)

ATP Cycle 3 Technical Assistance

To support the development of Cycle 3 projects, staff compiled multiple sources of data into one convenient mapping site to help project sponsors analyze different potential project locations for their ability to demonstrate strong performance benefits under the criteria of increasing biking and walking (35 points/100 points) and reducing pedestrian and bicyclist collisions (25 points/100 points). Additionally, the mapping site includes the areas qualifying as Disadvantaged Communities as defined by the State ATP Guidelines and the 2016 MTP/SCS.

Staff also reviewed 20 draft State ATP applications to provide comments on how to strengthen the narrative and maximize points earned within the scoring rubrics.

Additional Cycle 3 Application Resources

The SACOG Info Center contains a wealth of information to support State ATP applications from the Sacramento region. SACOG compiled census data to help project sponsors discuss the existing and potential users in project areas. Project sponsors can also use the Small Area SACOG MTP/SCS Forecast Tool to discuss travel model projections for project areas. Additional information and tools to support your State ATP application can be found in our Helpful Links document.

Cycle 2 Sample Application Responses

Several applications from our region demonstrated strong performance through the State ATP, Cycle 2. The below responses are excerpted from applications that were able to earn all of the available points in specific scoring criteria.

Potential for increased walking and bicycling

Potential for reducing the number and/or rate of pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities and injuries

Public Participation and Planning

Improved Public Health

Overall high-performing applications

The below applications were the three highest scoring proposals in the State ATP, Cycle 2. These examples show how all the ATP scoring criteria blend together into a successful project proposal.