SMF Airport Announces Plans for ‘Next Generation’ Electric Vehicle Charging


8/30/18 Sacramento International Airport is set to be the future home of a ‘next generation’ electric vehicle charging station. These new type of charging stations are more akin to contemporary gas stations as opposed to the current model of EVs charging in a single parking space. The charging station will feature 10 new publicly accessible ultra-fast fee-based DC fast-chargers. The chargers are being built with the current standard power of 50 kilowatts as well as future ready 150kW and 350kW capabilities. This will allow customers to charge most electrical vehicle batteries up to 80 percent in 20 minutes and up to 20 miles a minute in the future as vehicles adopt higher kW charging standards.

The project is being funded by Electrify America as part of its $44 million investment agreement in Sacramento. As part of the agreement, Electrify America is installing up to $16 million of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Charging stations are expected to be operational within 1-2 years.