Senate Bill 1 Funding Recommendations Released
Sacramento Region Poised to Receive Nearly $796M


The Sacramento region scored big in the competition for Senate Bill (SB) 1 funding announced this week. Nearly $796 million is recommended for diverse package of transit, road, and active transportation investments benefitting the region. 

Two of the region’s biggest transportation projects – the I-5 Corridor Enhancement Project between Sacramento and Elk Grove, and the US 50 Multimodal Corridor project were both recommended for funding through the Senate Bill 1 Solutions for Congested Corridors program. Together, these two recommended awards total $125 million and capture 13% of the available program funds, or more than double the region’s population share of the state.

Additional key projects to implement the Metropolitan Transportation Plan & Sustainable Communities Strategy were also recommended for Senate Bill 1 funding. For the Transit & Intercity Rail Program (TIRCP), Sacramento Regional Transit partnered with SACOG and received $64.4 million for light rail vehicles and Gold Line improvements. Also, $581 million was recommended for projects to improve inter-city rail connections between the SACOG region, the Bay Area and the Central Valley. In the Local Partnership Program, the Capital Southeast Connector is recommended for a $20 million award, and the City of Sacramento’s complete streets strategy for the downtown and midtown area, Grid 3.0, is recommended for a $5 million award.

Program award details: