Senate Bill 1 Funding Approved
Sacramento Region to Receive Nearly $800M


The California Transportation Commission voted this week to approve $2.7 billion in competitive funding to transportation projects across the state. The Commission approved all the SB 1 recommendations from April 25 , with only slight changes to project schedules. This means our region got all its recommended projects funded. Along with SB 1 funds approved by CalSTA, projects benefiting our region were awarded nearly $800 million.

Before the Ink is Dry
Now it’s time build. And that’s just what our region is doing. The day after the Commission approved the funds it allocated $15 million for Caltrans D3 to break ground on I-5 Carpool Lanes to Elk Grove. That makes it the first project out of the gate in the state.

Two projects will benefit multiple cities and counties – the I-5 Corridor Enhancement Project between Sacramento and Elk Grove, and the US 50 Multimodal Corridor project (carpool lane extension and light rail improvements). Together, these two approved awards total $125 million and capture 13% of the available program funds, or more than double the region’s population share of the state.

Other projects with regional benefit include $581 million for ACE/San Joaquin and Capitol Corridor rail projects, $20 million for the Capital SouthEast Connector, $5 million for the City of Sacramento’s Grid 3.0, and $2 million awards for improving the City of Woodland’s Main Street and the City of Placerville’s Western Placerville Interchanges.