SB1 Project List Due October 16th
Submit amended budget to CTC


Background information:

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) formally adopted the SB 1 Local Streets and Roads (LSR) Annual Reporting Guidelines on August 16. The guidelines outline the process for cities and counties to submit their project lists and expenditure reports to the CTC to establish eligibility for receiving SB 1 funds. Jurisdictions must submit publicly approved budgets that outline uses for SB1 funds by October 16th to avoid forfeiting its share of SB1 funding for the period between October 16th and the date of submittal.

The League of California Cities and CSAC have provided estimates for the first two years of SB 1 funding. Note that the first year is smaller than the second year, because year one contains less than a full year of funding.

What is Due:

An amended budget adopted in a regular public meeting that adds or calls out which projects will receive SB1 funding. The budget should include descriptions, locations, schedules for completion and useful life elements. The details of this request can be found on pages 7 and 9 of the Reporting Guidelines.

A public record that shows the changes have been adopted by a city or county.

Where to Submit:

All materials should be submitted directly to the CTC at

CTC Staff Contacts:

Eric Thronson, Deputy Director
California Transportation Commission
(916) 654-7179

More Information:

Please refer to the CTC’s website for the latest information on this and other SB 1 programs. All materials should be submitted directly to the CTC at