SACSIM23 Beta Testing Group
An Opportunity to Share New Features With the Modeling Community


SACOG is convening a beta testing group of modelers to learn about and test the new SACSIM23 model. Specific components of SACSIM23 that beta testers will be testing include:

  • New SACSIM23 network interface and traffic analysis zone (TAZ) structure.
  • Updated DAYSIM activity model.
  • Updated models for predicting telework and transportation network company (TNC) vehicle usage.

After exploring and testing the new model, beta testers will report their findings back to SACOG. Their feedback will help ensure the updated model provides reasonable results and identify any technical issues the beta version may have.

Beta testers will need to complete a SACSIM23 Beta Test Group Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure form. The form is available here.