SACOG Board of Directors Approves $31.3 Million in Green Means Go Grants
Funding supports efforts to accelerate infill housing in existing communities


Announcement: March 16, 2023

The SACOG Board of Directors has approved $31.3 million in planning and capital infrastructure funding to support infill housing development throughout the Sacramento region. This funding builds off $3.2 million in grants in November 2022 to jumpstart infill housing through five ‘Early Activation’ awards.

Together, the $34.5 million in awards completes the first ever Green Means Go funding program.

Thank you to Senator Richard Pan for his advocacy of Green Means Go, to the Strategic Growth Council for their implementation support, and to the REAP 2.0 collaboration (Department of Housing and Community Development, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, Strategic Growth Council, and the California Air Resources Board) for their partnership. 

See the Green Means Go awards through the table in ‘related links’ to the right.

About Green Means Go

SACOG’s Green Means Go aims to catalyze infill development that improves housing affordability. The work focuses on Green Zones—locally adopted areas with capacity for infill development, low vehicle miles travelled and multi-modal options, supportive local policies, but with key infrastructure or other barriers to redevelopment.

Learn more about Green Means Go: