SACOG Blueprint Development Reviews
Guide for Local Elected Officials, Planning Staff and Developers


Blueprint Development Reviews are completed at the request of jurisdictions and include a review and comment letter on land development projects and their alignment with the Blueprint principles. An elected official or senior staff member of the jurisdiction for which the project falls within may request this type of Blueprint Development Review from SACOG.  SACOG requests a three week notice to prepare a Blueprint Development Review, but will always make every effort to provide comments as soon as possible. Requests for a Blueprint Development Review can be emailed to Dov Kadin.

Additionally, SACOG is responsible for reviewing local plans and projects of regional significance, including but not limited to projects with the potential to generate significant amounts of traffic or that affect attainment or maintenance of state or national air quality standards and therefore may comment on such projects at the discretion of the CEO.

If a member agency or project developer would like to discuss a project with SACOG more informally, a meeting can be requested. This meeting request can come from local jurisdiction staff or the project developer or representative as long as the appropriate local jurisdiction staff are notified. 

What to expect from a Blueprint Development Review

Blueprint Development Reviews begin with SACOG staff evaluating the proposed project on how it compares to the Preferred Blueprint Scenario and the Blueprint principles.  The Blueprint map is not intended to direct how a specific parcel should or should not be developed in a particular manner, but rather give some direction on how the region needs to develop to reap the benefits of the Blueprint. The evaluation and findings are typically centered around the Blueprint principles and are presented in a letter to the jurisdiction.

Examples of Blueprint Development Review letters can be found on our map of development review letters.