SACOG Approves 2016 Funding Round


On December 10, 2015, the SACOG Board of Directors approved the recommended funding awards for Community Design Program projects in Round 7 (2016). Eleven projects were funded in the Tier 1 competitive category totaling almost $15.3 million. Approximately $2.95 million was also approved in the Tier 2 competitive category. Tier 1 funds are available for programming with this Board action, and Tier 2 funds become available in the event of legislative action and/or identified delivery strategies that yield new funding in advance of the next competitive SACOG call for projects. Additionally, another nine projects were awarded $100,000 each in the non-competitive category of the Community Design Program.

The next funding cycle, Round 8, is expected to be conducted sometime in 2017; check this webpage for more information.

The Community Design Funding Program is intended to provide financial assistance to local government agencies that seek to implement physical development that is consistent with SACOG’s Blueprint Principles. Approximately every two years, SACOG accepts applications for projects from cities, counties, transit districts and air districts from Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba Counties. (Please note that Placer and El Dorado Counties have their own programs that are independent of the Community Design Program).

The Blueprint Principles are:

  • Transportation Choices
  • Housing Diversity
  • Compact Development
  • Use of Existing Assets
  • Mixed Land Uses
  • Quality Design
  • Natural Resource Conservation

More information about these principles and the Blueprint project can be found at