SACOG Announces new senior staff positions and promotions
New Deputy Executive Director and Director Positions Announced


After approval by the Board of Directors at their October meeting, SACOG has announced the creation of two new Deputy Executive Director positions. Kacey Lizon is being promoted to Deputy Executive Director of Planning and Programs, and Erik Johnson is being promoted to Deputy Executive Director of Operations. The creation of the Deputy Executive Director positions became possible after Kirk Trost announced his intention to step down as Chief Operating Officer in order to focus on special projects in a new role as Senior Advisor for the agency. He will continue to serve as the agency’s General Counsel. 

In addition to the Deputy positions, Monica Hernandez and Matt Carpenter will take on new leadership roles within the agency. Ms. Hernandez is being promoted to the new position of Director of Innovation and Partnerships, where she will focus on external partnerships and infusing innovation across all of the agency’s projects. Mr. Carpenter will transition to a new leadership role that allows him to focus on innovative finance and implementation strategies as part of a more incremental transition over the next 12 month period.

Finally, Clint Holtzen will fill Ms. Lizon’s vacated Planning Manager position through the end of the calendar year. 

“This is setting up the next generation of leadership here at SACOG,” Mr. Corless told the board at their October 18 meeting.  “With such remarkable talent already on staff, I didn’t need to look outside the agency to fill these new leadership positions.”  The staff transitions and promotions – effective October 22 – will help build staff capacity and advance SACOG’s work throughout the region.