Sac Region Transportation Climate Adaptation Plan 


The 2015 Sacramento Region Transportation Climate Adaptation Plan examines climate stressors in the region, their impacts on transportation infrastructure, and policies and strategies to address these impacts. 

Damage to transportation infrastructure from extreme weather events can be physically and fiscally difficult to repair. Identifying which infrastructure is most at risk and how managing agencies could prevent or reduce impacts can help the region better prepare its transportation assets to be adaptable to a changing environment, in alignment with federal and state guidance.

Authored in partnership with CivicSpark, this plan:

  • broadly outlines key strategies and actions that the region can take to ensure its transportation assets are resilient to extreme weather events;
  • identifies high-level risks to the Sacramento region (e.g., precipitation, flooding, wildfires, landslides, extreme heat);
  • provides a general assessment of how transportation assets in the region (e.g., roadways, active transportation, public transit, rail, bridges) may be vulnerable to these risks, and;
  • defines a variety of policy and planning actions to improve resiliency of transportation assets.