Rocklin Transforms Old Quarry Into Adventure Park
New attraction anchors downtown and encourages private development


October 31, 2018: The City of Rocklin is maximizing a 160-year old granite quarry to catalyze an entire district. The Quarry District is experiencing a transformation via public and private development which are creating a downtown environment that supports vibrant entertainment, commercial activity, and residential options.

The centerpiece of this revitalization is Quarry Park, a 5.5 acre park with outdoor amphitheater and newly opened Quarry Park Adventures, a premier Northern California entertainment destination, offering a combination of adventure experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The adventure park is projected to attract more than 130,000 visitors a year to historic downtown Rocklin, who will spend their dollars not only at the park but at surrounding businesses which will not only bolster local businesses but will also encourage smart development in the surrounding district while defining the heart of the City.

The city’s public investment in the park, which will be paid back through park revenues, has already led to private investment in the area. Land that has sat dormant for decades is now primed for private commercial and residential development.