Revised Green Means Go funding program guidelines


SACOG has released a revised set of program guidelines for the 2022 Green Means Go funding round. Green Means Go aims to catalyze infill residential development that improves housing affordability through non-transportation infrastructure investments and planning activities in locally-adopted Green Zones. The revised guidelines draw on comments received from a wide range of stakeholders including local jurisdictions, the housing and development community, and community-based organizations.

  • Attachment A is the revised program guidelines
  • Attachment B is a track changed version of the changes made to the draft guidelines
  • Attachment C gives a point-by-point description of comments received on the draft guidelines

SACOG thanks participants for the time, effort and engagement in the two year build up of Green Means Go, and more recently, in responding to the draft program guidelines. Generally, staff found most comments in alignment with the objectives of Green Means Go and made changes to reflect this input. At times, staff felt the draft guidelines already covered a received comment, the comment conflicted with others received, or did not align with the requirements of either the overseeing state agencies or the specific objectives of Green Means Go. Attachment C gives the summary of how SACOG incorporated stakeholder comments into the revised guidelines.

Program staff presented the revised guidelines at the June 2, 2022 meeting of the Land Use and Natural Resources Committee, which recommended the guidelines to the SACOG board for adoption.